AAAMSA Fenestration

AAAMSA Fenestration represents the design, manufacture, finishes, glass, glazing, installation, testing and quality control of Glazed Architectural Products.

The function of the Association is to assist the Specifier to select products that are sufficiently strong and resistant to water and air infiltration tomeet the requirements for the specific job and related conditions at hand.

The Association will also assist the Specifier, in particular the Architect, to determine suitable glazing solutions to maximize the Energy Efficiency performance of the building envelope.

The following steps by the Specifier will ensure that quality end products are installed

Prior to the commencement of any site work obtain a copy of relevant AAAMSA Performance Test Certificate from the Manufacturer/Contractor supplying the Architectural Aluminium Product. (Note! Only Certificates validated after 15 January 2003 are current).

  1. Obtain the AAAMSA Surface Finishing Certificate confirming that all anodising and/or powder coating has been processed in strict accordance with SANS 999 and SANS 1796 respectively.
  1. Obtain a powder guarantee of no less than 15 years issued by the powder manufacturer. The specific conditions contained in this guarantee shall from part of the powder coating process and may only be applied by an approved powder applicator.
  1. Obtain the AAAMSA Glass & Glazing Certificate confirming that glazing has been installed in accordance with SANS 10137 ensuring that Safety Glazing Materials have been installed in the mandatory areas and that each individual pane of Safety Glazing Materials has been permanently marked.
  1. Obtain a Warranty from the Manufacturer of the laminated safety glass and/or hermetically sealed glazing units (SIGU) warranting the products against delamination and colour degradation for a period of not less than 5 years.

  2. In terms of the Construction Regulations 2003, obtain the following AAAMSA Certificates which facilitate documenting materials used in the manufacture and installation of Architectural Aluminium Products.